Systems and Technical Design

Through Rust We Are Returned
Lead Designer

•    Designed a turn-based tactical combat loop.

•    Encouraged reactive playstyles by adding telegraphed attacks and environmental hazards.

•    Managed a team of designers.

•    Worked with programming and art teams to maintain scope of the project and ensure good communication.

Soul Reaper | Technical and UX Design​ Intern

•    Monster-collection RPG for PC, Mac, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, developed in Unity.
•    Programmed menu and combat functionality in C# and handled implementation of new systems.
•    Reworked existing long-term progression systems, including monster collection, gearing, and levelling.
•    Worked on strategies to drive player engagement with the narrative and long-term progression systems.

OASYS | Systems & Level Designer

•   Developed an easily expandable set of puzzle mechanics to form the core of gameplay

•    Designed environments to enhance the narrative of the game and incorporate puzzle mechanics.

Meridian | Solo Developer

•    Created a unique shader system that could interact with the world based on color.

•    Developed a narrative about a young woman reconnecting with the natural world through the stories of her grandparents.

•    Designed a variety of different systems to work in concert, including sailing and puzzle-solving mechanics.

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