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Rapid Prototypes

Rapid Prototypes | Solo Developer​

Each one of the prototypes on this page were made from scratch in 6-10 hours using Unity. These games were made as part of my sophomore year coursework, with each one focusing on different ideas and gameplay mechanics. Fair warning, these are all very rough prototypes with minimal art, but they are each fun in their own ways.

PachiBlast Ultra | Solo Developer​

PachiBlast Ultra was a prototype platformer themed about pachinko. Instead of moving the character normally, the player instead rotates the world and can launch the player character with the mouse button. The goal is to collect all of the golden balls in each level.

Constellation Prize | Solo Developer​

Constellation Prize was a prototype for a grid-based game utilizing random terrain generation and enemy spawning to create a unique pseudo-puzzle game. The goal of the game is to reach the blue square by traveling along a path of stars and creating a constellation. Left-clicking on an empty space places a star, and left-clicking on a star that is unblocked in a straight line from your location allows you to travel to it.

Endless Runner | Solo Developer​

This prototype was an endless runner featuring gravity changes as the main mechanic. Originally it was intended to showcase random paths to run by using prefabs to generate the next segment of the game. 

Snakes in a Maze | Solo Developer​

Snakes in a Maze was the first rapid prototype that I made in Unity. It's a short game about a snake lost in a maze, with the twist that the snake must move by pushing off of walls.

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