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Soul Reaper | Technical and UX Design​ Intern

Soul Reaper is a classic RPG where the player collects the souls of a variety of creatures and unleashes them in combat against their foes. Soul Reaper is coming soon to Steam, with console releases to follow.

Meridian Title.png
Meridian | Solo Developer

Meridian is a short exploration game focusing on themes of growth and discovery. Explore a small archipelago either walking on foot or sailing in a boat, and use the your power to restore color and life to the islands. 

Art by Lee Siassi
Lane Violation | Lead Designer​

Lane Violation is a single player, barcade style game in which the player controls a bowling ball with a steering wheel and pedal controller. The game takes place at Real Arm bowling alley, where the ball return is a crazy maze of twists, turns, and trials where only the strongest bowling balls will survive. Players will go through a series of levels, containing different terrains and power-ups for the player to collect, aiming to make it to the finish line at the end of the stage.

Culture in the Kitchen | Lead Designer​

Culture in the Kitchen: Trip To Haiti! is a single-player cooking simulator, where players follow recipes to create traditional dishes from various cultures. Players will get to experience glimpses and form connections to cultures unfamiliar to them through following actual recipes.

Art by Eric Shepard
Coleris | Solo Designer​ / Programmer

Coleris is a 2D platformer based around changing colors to pass through objects of the same color. The game was made over the course of a single semester in GameMaker Studio 2. 

When I started work on Coleris, I had no experience using a game engine or scripting in any language. Coleris was made without the use of GameMaker's drag n' drop features.

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